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If you don’t know this already, we’re well-known for our series of amiibo training guides, which you can find over at this link instead. This page, however, is for Super Smash Bros. series guides we’ve written that don’t pertain to amiibo training in any way. For the most part, this amounts to guides that explain each game’s unlockable characters and features. Let’s get right into it, then!

Unlockables Guides

There are plenty of characters to unlock, from four in the original Super Smash Bros. all the way up to over fifty of them in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We’ve archived each and every unlockable in these games, and you can find a list of their unlock criteria below!

Feel free to check back here every once in a blue moon to see if we’ve added new content! We publish new posts on a semi-regular basis. We’ve also got pages for Animal Crossing, Kirby, and Pokémon if you’re interested in reading those kinds of guides. Enjoy, and good luck!

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