The Exion community has existed under one name or another since February 2011. Content from previous iterations of the site (including our Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo training guides) have been ported here under specific categories. Even though this version of the site was created in 2018, ported content retains its original wording and publication date.

Cloud’s Forum (2011 – 2015)

Exion was first created in 2011. Back then, it revolved around a Super Mario Bros. fangame that isn’t available for download anymore. Its name was eventually changed to Cloud’s Forum (how creative). Both The Quest of the Admins and Cloud’s Forum Adventures were spawned from the Cloud’s Forum era, and can be found here and here.

Amiibo Dojo (2015 – 2018)

The original Amiibo Dojo website was first published on August 29, 2015. Throughout its initial lifespan, over one hundred posts, updates, and guides were released! A full list of these articles can be found in the Amiibo Dojo archives.

For the most part, Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo training guides are kind of irrelevant these days, as Ultimate sold more and includes a higher degree of flexibility in training amiibo. Even so, if you’re looking to boot up Smash 4 and raise a Figure Player, here’s a full list of all our (fully updated) training guides:

BayonettaBowserBowser Jr.Captain FalconCharizardCloudCorrinDark PitDiddy KongDonkey KongDr. MarioDuck HuntFalcoFoxGanondorfGreninjaIkeJigglypuffKing DededeKirbyLinkLittle MacLucarioLucasLucinaLuigiMarioMarthMega ManMeta KnightMewtwoMii BrawlerMii GunnerMii SwordfighterMr. Game & WatchNessOlimarPac-ManPalutenaPeachPikachuPitR.O.B.RobinRosalina & LumaRoyRyuSamusSheikShulkSonicToon LinkVillagerWarioWii Fit TrainerYoshiZeldaZero Suit Samus

The Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo training guide project began in August 2015 and was finally completed in late 2017. Special thanks to FarmingSim, Arklaine, Supernova, DONkLE, and MegaVGmaster for their contributions and commitment!

If you’d like to read some more recent posts, check out the Index! It’s home to all of our original essays, articles, and guides, so be sure to check it out when you get the chance. If you’re looking for our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo training guides but wound up here instead, follow this link to get back on track.